Grace Church School

Calendar Highlights

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August 28–September 6 Wednesday–Thursday



August 28–September 6 Wednesday–Friday

Staff Meetings and Classroom Set-up

30 Friday

Office Closed

4–5 Wednesday–Thursday

Individual School Visits (2s & 3s)

5 Thursday

Parent Welcome (2s–PreK) – 6:45pm (6:00 pm for 2s and new 3s)

9 Monday

First Day of School (12:00 noon Dismissal for PreK)

10 Tuesday

Second Day of School (12:30pm Dismissal with lunch for PreK)

11 Wednesday

First Full Day of School (for PreK)

23 Monday

First Day of Early Drop-Off (3s and PreK)

30 Monday

Rosh Hashanah (School Closed)


1 Tuesday

2020–2021 Application Deadline

9 Wednesday

Yom Kippur (School Closed)

14 Monday

Columbus Day (School Closed)


5 Tuesday

Election Day – Parent-Teacher Conferences – 2s, 3s and PreK (School Closed)

6 Wednesday

Parent-Teacher Conferences (School Open)

21 Thursday

Open School (Curriculum) Night – 6:30pm (2s & 3s) & 7:30pm (PreK)

27–29 Wednesday–Friday

Thanksgiving Holiday (School Closed)


5 Thursday

GCS Book & Toy Fair (8:30–3:30) and Caregiver Coffee (9:00–10:00)

6 Friday

GCS Book & Toy Fair and Pajama Party (8:30–3:30 & 6:00–8:00)

20 Friday

Winter Celebration

23–Jan 3 Monday–Friday

Winter Break (School Closed)



6 Monday

School Resumes

17 Friday

Re-Enrollment Contracts Sent

20 Monday

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (School Closed)

27 Monday

Re-Enrollment Contracts and Deposits Due

31 Friday

Staff Development Day (School Closed)


17–18 Monday–Tuesday

Presidents’ Day Break (School Closed)

26 Wednesday

School Photo Day I

27 Thursday

School Photo Day II


5 Thursday

Exmissions Meeting for Current 3s – 6:30 pm

16–20 Monday–Friday

Spring Break (School Closed)


4 Saturday
GCS Gala & Auction Fundraiser
7 Tuesday

Parent-Teacher Conferences (School Closed)

9–17 Thursday–Friday

Passover/Easter Break (School Closed)


25 Monday

Memorial Day (School Closed)


4 Thursday

Goodbye Celebration (School closes at 12 noon – no PM classes)

5 Friday

Graduation (for PreKindergarten children moving onto Kindergarten)

8–10 Monday–Wednesday

Staff Days